Student Spotlight – Get To Know Our Students!

Yahir Perez is a third-year student working toward a bachelor’s degree at UNM. He is majoring in Art History and minoring in Arts Leadership and Business. His interest in art history lies in contemporary and abstract art. Some inspirations of his are Manolo Valdés and Danielle Orchard.

In his free time, he works with color film photography to capture landscapes and candid moments. After he completes his undergraduate degree, he hopes to take some time off before going to graduate school, with plans to move to Chicago.

Ruby Kraft is a fourth-year B.F.A Studio Art student who is following the footsteps of her alumnus grandfather, Jim Kraft, who was an assistant professor in the Department of Art from 1977-1996.

Kraft won the Reggie Behl Drawing Award and was featured in UNM Newsroom article, “Drawing award winner looks forward to showing work, graduation.” written by Mary Beth King.

The Reggie Behl Drawing Award is given in honor of artist, educator, and world traveler, Regina “Reggie” Behl, who taught drawing at UNM and all over the world. The award supports an undergraduate student who excels in drawing.

This November, Kraft’s thesis show, “In the Space Between Breath,” will be in the John Sommers Gallery. Stay tuned for more details!
Instagram: @unm_art, @kvng.perez, @cat_man03