Fine Arts Scholarships

The deadline for the 2021-2022 scholarship application is March 21, 2021, at 11:59 pm

Your official application must be submitted through the form below. All fields on the form are required unless otherwise indicated. There are required supplemental materials and documents which MUST be provided by the deadline (see instructions below). Any supplemental materials and documents MUST be submitted as a PDF. Students must also list the specific scholarship award(s) they are applying for in the appropriate line on the form. Please review the award eligibility sheet to determine which awards are applicable to you. Failure to follow instructions may cause your application to be marked incomplete and excluded from consideration for the 2021-2022 CFA Scholarship awards.

Students wishing to make any changes to their official packet may do so before the March 21st, 2021 deadline, however, you will need to re-submit the COMPLETE application packet, as we will not accept corrected documents as individual email attachments. If two or more submissions are received from the same student, the most recent will be counted as the official application.

You can contact the CFA Advisement Center at any time before the deadline with questions or concerns: If you would like more in-depth help in preparing for this, we recommend getting in touch with Elena Matthews, Career Development Facilitator. From figuring out how to begin to put the final polish on your resume, letter of application, or online website or portfolio, this is the best way of getting comprehensive help with your submission.

Supporting Documents / Links
  1. Student Letter of ApplicationREQUIRED – This is a personal statement that includes your reasons for applying, educational goals, and plans for the future. If you wish to be considered for need-based scholarship options, please address your financial circumstances in your letter of application IN ADDITION to submitting your official award letter as outlined below under number 3. You may also wish to address any other special criteria as specified on the award criteria sheet. Please note that you must follow standard letter format; please include a header with your name, contact info, etc. (2 page maximum)
  2. Professional Resume– REQUIRED – This is a standard resume containing education, work experience, and personal/professional achievements. Please note that you must follow standard resume format; please include your name, contact info, etc. (2 page maximum
  3. Official Award Letter from UNM Office of Financial Aid – OPTIONAL – Students wishing to be considered for need-based scholarships are asked to provide a copy of the official awards letter extended by UNM’s Office of Financial Aid, indicating the student’s level of financial need. This can be accessed from your Financial Aid tab in LoboWeb.
  4. From Faculty: Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
    Student Instructions: First, identify and contact two faculty members to see if they will agree to write you a letter of recommendation. When submitting the official application, you must provide the names and official UNM email addresses of the two faculty members who’ve agreed to submit a letter of recommendation. At least one (1) of your faculty references MUST be associated with the College of Fine Arts department that will be granting your degree. Your second reference can be from any department at UNM, but they should still be able to provide relevant insight into your abilities or experience as an artist. We will NOT accept letters of recommendation forwarded from student email accounts. Please reach out to possible references as early as you can to ensure they will have time to create your letter by the application deadline. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact faculty and request a letter of recommendation in accordance with the guidelines above. Our office will not contact the faculty on your behalf to request the letters.

Faculty must submit the letters of recommendation directly to with your name in the Subject Line. The letter should include your first and last name with UNM Student ID#. Late letters render the application incomplete and thus will not be considered.

College of Fine Arts Scholarships

Ana Chavira Endowed Award – Student(s) must be a resident of New Mexico studying Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance.

Charis Ann McKelvey Memorial Scholarship – Student(s) studying Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre, and Dance. 

Charles and Katherine Brown Endowed Memorial Scholarship – Scholarship supports students majoring in the Departments of Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance, or at the Tamarind Institute Printer Training Program.

Clifton A. Reed Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Endowed Scholarship – Student(s) studying Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre, and Dance. Preference for native New Mexicans of Hispanic descent.

College of Fine Arts Alumni Scholarship – Scholarship supports juniors, seniors, or graduate students who are enrolled full-time in the College of Fine Arts. Four scholarships, one each in Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance will be awarded.

Fred M. Calkins, Jr. and Rose Ellen Calkins Scholarship for Fine Arts – Recipient(s) must be enrolled full-time in the UNM College of Fine Arts and be a resident of New Mexico.

Glen T. Simpson Scholarship Fund – Recipient must be in their senior year and majoring in sculpture or voice. Native American student preferred.

Golden Graduates Endowment for Excellence – Supports student(s) studying Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance.

Jose C. Teran (Naret) Scholarship Fund –Full-time undergraduate or graduate student(s) studying Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance. Hispanic student or a student from Mexico or Mexican descent is preferred.

Marion Monical Endowed Memorial Scholarship – Student(s) studying Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance.

Modesta E. Comeford Endowment – Student(s) studying Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance. 

New Mexico Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts Scholarship – New Mexico resident enrolled at UNM, majoring in any fine arts discipline (visual arts, film theatre (performance and technical), dance, music, design, digital media, and creative writing). Demonstrated financial need and educational achievement in furthering goals in the arts.

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