The College of Fine Arts’ Framework Plan

The CFA Framework planning process began in June 2021 and was completed in December 2021. The CFA Framework Plan is an integrated physical and strategic 10-year plan prepared for the purposes of:

  • Identifying, prioritizing, and making the case for capital projects that will meet the needs of the CFA’s immediate and long-term growth.
  • Engaging with the local and regional community to understand and address how the CFA can best support and serve its needs.
  • Telling the story of the CFA to attract opportunities that expand, strengthen, and create new strategic private, public. and non-profit partnerships that advance the operational and financial sustainability of the CFA.

The plan will guide the College’s vision and growth over the next ten years.


The Planning Process

The planning process involved engagement meetings and interviews with CFA faculty, staff, students, leadership, and community of partners as well as the State of the CFA Survey that was conducted to get the entire CFA community’s input in early 2021. The first round of meetings took place in June, followed by in-person engagement sessions in September, and virtual engagement sessions to review the draft plan in November. The engagement process is summarized in the CFA Framework Plan’s Engagement Process section (which starts on page 36 of Section II).

Thank you to everyone who participated in this planning effort!

The Plan Contents

The Framework Plan is broken into two documents:

Section I: Executive Summary

  • The Case for the Arts
  • The Vision for the Goals
  • The Vision for the Facilities
  • The Center For Collaborative Arts and Technology

For a high-level view of the CFA Framework Plan, click here to view or download the Executive Summary

Section II: Framework Plan Recommendations and Process

  • CFA Planning Scope
  • CFA Departments Overview
  • Engagement Process
  • Framework Plan Recommendations

Section III: Facilities Assessment

  • Facilities Needs and Desires
  • Methodology & Building Scores
  • Utilities Audit & Performance
  • Individual Facility Plan Summaries

Section IV: Facilities Scenario Planning

  • Establishing Goals
  • Scenario Options & Process
  • Dependencies & Full Sequence
  • Key Takeaways
  • Forthcoming Studies

Section V: Center for Collaborative Arts and Technology

  • Final Program
  • Site Goals & Analysis
  • Building Goals
  • Phasing & Cost
  • Design Methodology
  • Design Synthesis

Note: These documents have been set up to be viewed as a 2-page spread to simulate how you’d read a book; to view them correctly select “Single page view” in your pdf viewer.

CFA Strategic Plan

CFA is currently undergoing a strategic planning effort with CFA leadership, faculty, and staff. The Strategic Plan will be completed in 2022. Please stay tuned.


Work in Progress with Jared Tso

Work in Progress with Jared Tso

Jared Tso (Diné), who teaches ceramics and makes pottery from the road, is a rising star in the world of Indigenous pottery. During my pottery classes at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, I admired Jared Tso’s pottery—with its beautiful curvature and...

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