Information for pending CFA Graduates

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The UNM College of Fine Arts

Spring 2023 Convocation

Thursday, May 11th, 2023 • Kiva Auditorium

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College of Fine Arts
Graduation Program

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College of Fine Arts
Graduation Program

Spring 2023 Fine Arts Convocation Ceremony

CFA Convocation FAQ: 

When and where is graduation?

UNM’s Main Commencement ceremony is Saturday May 13th at 9am in The Pit

The College of Fine Arts Convocation is Thursday May 11th at 8:30am in the Kiva Auditorium in the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Can I go to UNM Commencement and CFA Convocation?

Yes! We always book the College of Fine Arts Convocation at a separate time so graduates can also attend the University Commencement if they wish.

If you only have time to attend one of the two ceremonies, we recommend you choose the Fine Arts Convocation! CFA’s Convocation has been thoughtfully planned to celebrate the hard work of our graduates and is more intimate than UNM’s Main ceremony.

Do I need to sign up to attend?

Yes, please sign up for CFA Convocation at

Sign up for UNM’s Commencement at

What time do I need to be there?

The event starts at 8:30am. You should show up 30-45 minutes prior to the ceremony start time (7:45am-8am). You’ll need this time to check in and get your name card, and then line up for the procession of graduates. Your guests will also need this time to find the best seats and be ready to cheer you on!

What happens when I arrive for check-in? 

When you arrive at the Convention Center, look for the “Student Check-In” sign and tables outside of the Kiva Auditorium to check-in and pick up your reader card (arranged alphabetically). This card has your name and degree info which will be read as you walk across stage. You will then be directed on where to line up with your fellow graduates before processing into the Kiva Auditorium.

What if I arrive late? 

A staff member will wait at the check-in area for any latecomers. They will give you your name card and direct you where to go.

How long is the ceremony?

The ceremony lasts on average one and a half hours.

I’m a grad student and I would like to be hooded by a specific faculty member. What should I do?

You must contact the faculty member you would like to hood you directly to let them know where and when the event is. Not all faculty members attend the CFA convocation, and you want to make sure they understand that you’d like them to hood you. If your chosen faculty member is not present, you will be hooded by one of the associate Deans.

How many guests can I invite? Do guests need tickets?

You can bring as many guests as you’d like! Within reason, that is. Please invite your close family and friends but don’t invite your entire rugby team. Our Spring 2023 event is un-ticketed.

Do I have to wear cap and gown?

No! But it is encouraged, and the majority of our graduates do buy and wear their cap and gown. If you choose to wear civilian clothes, please make sure they are nice. You can purchase your cap and gown from the UNM Bookstore.

Will there be a printed program for my guests? 

In the spirit of being ecologically mindful, we have moved away from a large, physically printed program. We now print a smaller event schedule that includes a QR code to the full program. These documents can be easily printed on any home printer for those who want a physical souvenir.

When will I receive my actual diploma?

Your diploma is created by the University Registrar’s office once all of your final semester grades are in and your degree is certified. Spring graduates can expect theirs mid-July. For additional information, see:

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Balloons, glass vessels, and glitter are prohibited.
  • The Albuquerque Convention Center has a clear bag policy in place for all events. All bags that are brought into the facility must be clear and measure no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • Parking at the Albuquerque Convention Center and elsewhere in downtown Albuquerque is typically not free. Please expect to park at a metered spot or in the Convention Center’s pay structure. Parking fees are generally around $10 for events, but that price may increase at any time.
  • Please leave all valuables and personal belongings with your family/guests or at home! There is no storage for personal belongings at the Albuquerque Convention Center and you’ll want to enjoy the event rather than worry about keeping track of a purse or backpack.