Dr. Maxine Thévenot selected to participate in the Jeanne Demessieux Centennial Tribute

Dr. Maxine Thévenot, Instructor of Organ, here at the UNM Department of Music, was one of 14 women organists selected to participate in the Jeanne Demessieux Centennial Tribute. To commemorate the virtuoso French organist, Jeanne Demissieux.

Dr. Thévenot was selected by the women who organized the event, Susan Jane Matthews, Joy-Leilani Garbutt, and Janet Yieh, a collaboration between Boulanger Initiative and the Amplify Female Composers. Dr. Thévenot was an easy choice, having played Jeanne Demessieux music before. Dr. Thévenot is among the foremost artists of her generation, hailed across North America and Europe for her skillful musical playing and inventive programming.

“It was an honor to be chosen among several female organists.” Said Dr. Thévenot. “It was empowering to see all these women paying tribute to Jeanne Demessieux. I was delighted to watch all these women playing different musical instruments, and it was lovely to share the New Mexico music scene.”

There are several places to watch the tribute:

Christ the King – a virtual organist, “Demessieux Te Deum, Opus 11“, featuring Katelyn Emerson, Kimberly Marshall, Joy, Susan, and Janet Yieh, coordinated by Susan Jane Matthews. On the Boulanger Initiative YouTube Channel.

A new documentary video “Sacred Spaces and Inspirations,” also on the Boulanger Initiative YouTube Channel, featuring 9 minutes of interviews and footage from St. Esprit, Paris with Hampus Lindwall and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC with Raymond Nagem, coordinated by Joy-Leilani Garbutt.

St. Cecilia’s Day – the 12 Choral Preludes on Gregorian Chant Themes, Opus 8, on the Amplify Female Composers YouTube Channel

  1. Rorate caeli (Choral orné) – Sarah Simko
  2. Adeste fideles (Musette) – Renée Anne Louprette
  3. Attende Domine (Choral paraphrase) – Jennifer Pascual
  4. Stabat Mater (Cantabile) – Linda Buzard
  5. Vexilla Regis (Prélude) – Janet Yieh
  6. Hosanna Filio David (Choral fugue) – Joy-Leilani Garbutt
  7. O filii et filiae (Variations) – Carolyn Craig
  8. Veni Creator (Toccata) – Nicole Marane
  9. Ubi caritas (Ricercare) – Crista Miller
  10. In manus tuas (Litanie) – Maxine Thévenot
  11. Tu es Petrus (Marcia) – Susan Jane Matthews
  12. Domine Jesu (Berceuse) – Catherine Rodland



image: Covington-Rhode Senior Prize winner Cynthia Marris (center) with Mary Tsiongas (left) and Chair of the Art Department Justine Andrews (right).

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