The College of Fine Arts’ ARTSunexpected 2022

The University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts is hosting its annual ARTSunexpected event all day on Friday, April 22, 2022, at various locations on-campus. 

This pop-up showcase features student artists including filmmakers, dancers, thespians, visual artists, and musicians of every variety performing and showcasing their works of art throughout campus.


ARTS Unexpected 2022








List of Events

1 Bookstore Architecture Plaza
10:00 am | Arita Pottery – All Day

2 George Pearl Hall – Fine Arts Library
10:00 am | THREAD BARE – Textile Technology Class – All Day

3 Tamarind Institute
1:00 pm | Open Gallery – closes 5 pm

4 & 5 Center for the Arts Plaza
10:00 am | Fine Art Print Sale & Screen Printing Demonstration
12:00 pm | UNM Saxophone Studio
1:00 pm | Yelling Pillow Workshop

6 Center for the Arts Building
Conference Room
10:00 am | Artist Talk, Isaac Ploof

10:00 am | Sculpture Class Video – All Day
11:00 am | Marimba Band
1:00 pm | Viola Studio
4:00 pm | Mile High Brass Quintet

X Theatre
7:30 pm | Last Dream – A Devised Play

Art Museum
10:00 am | Mysterious Inner Worlds & Not Yet and Yet – MFA Exhibit
1:15 pm | Improvisation Dance By Molly Rosenshein & Laura Hu

7 Cornell Mall – North side of the SUB
11:30 am | New Mexico Musical Heritage Project

8 Student Union Building – SUB Lower Level Atrium
12:00 pm | Something Major A Capella Group

9 Cornell Mall – East side of the SUB
12:00 pm | Red Carpet Fashion Show –  Art Practices Class

10 Masley Hall
10:00 am | Pueblo Pottery Class Demonstration – All Day Rm 110
1:00 pm | Violin Shop – closes 4 pm

11 Student Union Building – SUB Outside South Lower Wall
10:00 am | Art Exhibit – Lucien Guy & Andrew Jogi – All Day 

12 Castetter Hall – Biology Greenhouse
11:00 am | Arts-In-Medicine – Performance

13 Centennial – Science & Engineering Library
10:00 am | Art Exhibit – Advanced Paintingand Drawing Class – All Day
11 am – 1 pm | Art Reception – Big Ass Party

14 Arts Lab
7:00 pm | Performance – Britney King and Blayne Greiner

15 Art Building
10:00 am | Art Exhibit – Rachel Bordeleau First Floor Lobby – All Day
10:00 am | Art Exhibit – Jenny Irene Miller MFA thesis exhibition John Sommers Gallery – All Day

16 Zimmerman Library – First Floor Lobby
10:00 am | Art Exhibit – Ravi Buschman – All Day

The Covington-Rhode Award Winners

The Covington-Rhode Award Winners

We're thrilled to announce the winners of the Covington-Rhode Award, made possible through the generous support of UNM Alumna Dr. Patricia Covington and Shari Rhode. Congratulations to Lauren Reddington, Andrew Roibal, and Liz Courts! Lauren Reddington is a visual...

Paloma and Leila: A Tale of Twin Triumph

Paloma and Leila: A Tale of Twin Triumph

As twins, they’ve encountered hurdles, yet their bond and resilience shine through. In the academic world, Paloma and Leila worked under the mentorship of Professor Subhankar Banerjee on a project involving biodiversity justice and visual culture through the UNM...

Experience The Arts!

In addition to our scholarly pursuits, the College of Fine Arts is also a dynamic visual & performing arts center for the burgeoning arts community of Albuquerque.

Produced by our creative students and faculty, the College of Fine Arts proudly presents over 300 public performances, exhibitions, installations & art discussions annually.

How to Apply

• All students must be admitted to the University, whether as an incoming freshman, transfer student, or non-degree student. Apply online through the Admissions Department at UNM

•After meeting all CFA admission requirements, students must apply to become a declared major.

Academic Advisement

The College of Fine Arts Student Success & Advisement Center is committed to serve the UNM community with compassion, guidance, and respect as we promote academic excellence.

To speak with a CFA advisor, please call (505) 277-4817.