Clinical Services


Creative encounters for patients and their families

  • Nite Lite: Music, Art, Storytelling, Healing Touch, and Life Review at the bedside for palliative care patients, ICUs and upon referral
  • Live Music and Open Art Studio in the Adult ER Waiting Room
  • Open Art Studio in the Carrie Tingley Unit
  • Open Art Studio in the Pediatric Dermatology Clinic
  • Mindfulness, Qi gong, Arts and Music at the Clinical Neuroscience Center
  • Live Music, Art, Storytelling, Drumming and Creative Movement for Adult Psychiatric Center Patients
  • Live Music, Art, and Massage at the Cancer Center
  • Drumming, Art, and Creative Movement for Children’s Psychiatric Center Patients

Creative encounters for healthcare workers and the community-at-large

  • Self-tuning Sessions, Massage, Art, Creative Writing, and Live Music at UNMH and upon request
  • All-day or Half-day Retreats upon request
  • Guest lectures, presentations, and workshops
  • The Healing Arts Certificate Program
  • Music and Dance Concert Series at UNMH Pavilion Cafe
  • Health Sciences Center Orchestra
  • Lines Across Time: The Memory Booth Project for Veterans and Service Members
  • Various Community Projects throughout New Mexico

Clinical Services

Healing Arts and Creative Encounters for patients and families, as well as staff and providers at The University of New Mexico Hospitals


Healing Arts Certificate Program for undergraduate and graduate students, healthcare professionals, and the community-at-large. One of the six courses offered is an optional study abroad course in southern Africa


Various projects to evaluate the program as a whole as well as specific interventions for specific populations

Community Outreach

Projects to promote and develop arts and health initiatives in local and regional community organizations and healthcare facilities

International Collaboration

Work with various international organizations and universities to promote and develop arts and healthcare programming in other countries; several projects currently underway in southern Africa

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