CFA Hosts AIDS Memorial Quilt Panels for World AIDS Day

In June 1987 a group of strangers in San Francisco gathered to remember the names and lives of their loved ones that they feared history would forget. Their loved ones would be remembered with the first quilt panel, and soon their voices would swell to tens of thousands, calling for compassion and action in the age of HIV/AIDS.

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Annual CFA Holiday Card Contest!

CALL FOR ARTWORK ENTRIES – $200 IN PRIZES. The Dean of UNM’s College of Fine Arts continues a fun, festive and artistic holiday tradition by asking for submissions for two official CFA NEW YEAR’S CARDS to be created by you, our wonderful UNM CFA students!

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Mexico’s Broken Heart: Music, Politics, and Sentimentalism in Bolero

Musicology Colloquium Series: Scenes depicting musicians performing are found in a range of colonial art forms. Here, I briefly explore religious music from the 16th century through an examination of mission design and manuscript illuminations, and secular or profane music from the 18th century represented in genre paintings, domestic spaces, and biombos.

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