Dell DSP

Purchase Dell Products via UNM

The UNM Office of the CIO is pleased to announce new personal purchase deals for home delivery on computer hardware and peripherals. As part of UNM’s strategic partnership with Dell, UNM Faculty, Students and Staff may now purchase UNM standard computers for the exact same deeply discounted price offered to the University.

These offerings supplement great offerings already available at the UNM Bookstore or through the UNM Dell Premiere site.

Between these purchasing mechanisms, UNM offers a selection of personal, enthusiast, and business class systems to meet a wide variety of personal computing needs. Remember to compare like components and warranties when comparison shopping.

We encourage you to seriously consider the UNM standard systems as a unique opportunity to purchase a high-end, business class system at a price and warranty that is exactly what is offered to the institution. The systems are readily available across campus to test drive, just as XPS systems are available at the bookstore.

UNM Business Class Standards

The UNM Business Class Standard Purchase Program allows purchase of systems that are known in the industry as ‘business class’ and built to a standard that meets the performance and quality expectations associated with Fortune 500 companies. The component choices have been carefully vetted by IT. These standards will keep up with the latest business class technologies adopted across campus.

Systems include excellent standard warranties with a deeply discounted Pro Support + warranty that includes accident protection over the course of three years. We strongly recommend that it be considered for laptops.

Purchases must be made with a credit card and the free shipping will deliver the system to your home. Please note any lead time associated with your order and prepare accordingly. Dell is conservative, but some models are built to specific UNM requirements and may take a few extra days.

High-end Consumer / Enthusiast

The UNM Bookstore is featuring some of Dell’s well known XPS enthusiast systems that are the high value, high performance, properly balanced systems the XPS line is known for. A Precision workstation is also available for people who will sacrifice a little sleek for a lot more power.

Dell Full Catalog

The UNM Premier site will always have special deals on systems and peripherals you won’t be able to find elsewhere. During Holiday sales and other seasonal specials, the Dell Premiere site will feature deals on a variety of items that will be hard to beat.