Arts Management Program

Offering an arts management education that will impact the creative economies of the future.

The College of Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico announces a new undergraduate minor in Arts Management. If your are a student considering a career in the arts, now you can add a minor to your studies that will provide a foundation in Arts Management offering both course work and pre-professional experience through internships.

The Arts Management minor is a flexible framework for students to explore different career tracks regardless of their arts discipline and/or their major. Yes! Business, Communication, Creative Writing, Arts Education—all majors are welcome to add an Arts Management minor to their degree. For details on the Arts Management Course Requirements, please visit our website at

FA 250
Introduction to Arts Management

About the Instructor — Regina Chavez teaches Introduction to Arts Management and other courses in the Arts Management Program. She is well known in Albuquerque’s arts, culture, and economic development scene and brings to her teaching twenty plus years of experience in non-profit, for-profit, and arts administration practice through education, advocacy, leadership, and policy. In addition to building solid arts management skills for her students, she draws from her extensive professional arts contacts to provide a rich visiting speakers series—real people from real arts organizations—that connects the curriculum to the NM creative economy.

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Internships Now Available

The Arts Management minor offers internships for course credit. For the Arts Management minor the internship is required, but all students pursuing creative fields are encouraged to explore an internship opportunity. Some of the internships can be taken as student employment awards. Students can take a second internship for three credits.

Generally the first internship placement is made within the College of Fine Arts in one of several sites including: the UNM Art Museum, Rodey Theatre, Theatre-X, Popejoy Theatre, Keller Music Hall, John Sommers Gallery, and Tamarind Institute.

The Arts Management program offers “externships” with established arts organizations in New Mexico. These externships provide a deeper understanding of arts management while the student further develops their professional skills to prepare them for entry-level professional employment.

Contact Arts Management

For an appointment to discuss adding an Arts Management minor or developing an Arts Management internship, contact:

Ramsey Lofton
Supervisor—Community Education
Phone: (505)277-6574