College of Fine Arts Outcomes Assessment

College of Fine Arts | Spring 2016

The College of Fine Arts engages in two forms of outcomes assessment on a yearly basis: Academic Program Assessment and General Education Core Assessment. Outcomes Assessment is the process of collecting evidence that indicates whether the degree plans, curricula and programs it offers are having the desired impact on those who partake in them. These assessments are designed by faculty and examined by the CFA Assessment Review Committee.

Outcomes Assessment is based on the following inquiries:
• Do our students acquire the knowledge, proficiencies, and skills we intend them to have?
• What are we doing well and why? What can we do better, and how?

On this webpage you will find the Student Learning Outcomes, (SLO’s) and Degree Assessment Plans for all 19 Degree plans as well as Assessment Plans for the UNM General Education Core from the College of Fine Arts.

Academic Programs Assessment: The CFA offers 19 degree plans including two teacher licensure programs, three MFA’s and one Ph.D.

General Education Core: The College also offers many 3 credit courses that count towards the Fine Arts requirements in University General Education (GEN ED) Core. The courses are grouped in the following categories:

• Survey Courses: History, Theory and Criticism Courses in Art, Music, Film, Dance and Drama and Art and Music Education courses.

• Studio Courses: Hands on Work in Art Studio, Film Studio, Music Composition and Dance Technique

• Performance Courses: Practical Experiences in Live and Recorded Performance