The Department of Cinematic Arts

The Department of Cinematic Arts is dedicated to the study and practice of film and video as art. In the hope of understanding and enhancing the immense role of film and video in the modern world, the program offers the student a broad foundation in the purposes of art and culture. Although one may study film and video for commercial purposes with little commitment to artistic and cultural standards, in the Department of Cinematic Arts, as in the College of Fine Arts, aesthetic criteria prevail. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts provides a liberal arts background which will enable the student to pursue further education and professional training.

Media Arts students establish ties to disciplines in Arts and Sciences as well as in Fine Arts. One reason is that a number of disciplines contribute to current practices in the history, criticism, and theory of the media arts. These disciplines include cultural and literary theory, critical analysis of the visual and performing arts, philosophy, psychology, and political theory.

Furthermore, the Department of Cinematic Arts fosters in the student an outlook that is international as well as interdisciplinary. Major films arise in every region of the globe. To learn about these films is to explore diverse cultures. The Media Arts curriculum includes courses devoted to various national and regional cinemas. Here and in other courses, the Department of Cinematic Arts seeks to collaborate with other academic units that have strong transcultural interests.

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